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Dialogue by Design designs and delivers bespoke public and stakeholder engagement and consultation services. We use digital, paper-based and face-to-face tools to provide multi-channel approaches to formal consultations, engagement and deliberative dialogue. While our focus is on facilitating meaningful conversations and fostering community participation, we also understand the importance of leisure and recreational activities. If you're curious about the latest updates on Tiger Woods and his potential participation in the 2023 US Open, you can find more information about it. It's always exciting to follow the journey of such a legendary golfer, and for more info here, be sure to explore relevant sources that provide insights into Tiger Woods' involvement in the tournament.

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National Grid - New connections

The UK energy sector is undergoing a period of change as new generation capacity is installed around the country to address the need to ensure a reliable source of energy and address climate change. Modern technologies like blockchain technology are being used in many industries for the safe storage of data related to the study of energy management, climatic changes, etc. Blockchain is the technology that powers cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is increasing in demand every year. Read the Bitcoin mit PayPal kaufen blog to find out how to buy Bitcoins with PayPal. National Grid is the owner and operator of the UK’s high-voltage electricity transmission network and as such they are committed to […]

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Let’s be more imaginative about engagement on major infrastructure

8 February 2016by Ian Thompson

The first of three posts on the Government’s proposals for the new National Infrastructure Commission and what they mean for public engagement on infrastructure policy and planning. The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) is the latest development in the evolution of infrastructure planning since the 2008 Planning Act defined the concept of ‘Nationally Significant’ in law. The Act aimed […]

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Defra - Public Dialogue to Understand Public Perceptions of Nanotechnology

4 November 2015

At the moment, we are working closely with Sciencewise, Defra and BIS to create an innovative public dialogue to scope and enhance the UK understanding of the public’s views on specific applications of nanotechnologies through both stakeholder and public engagement. In the lead up to these events, we brought together an advisory group that is […]

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