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Photo: Dominic GoodingDr Dominic Gooding - IT Director

Formerly a lecturer at the University of Warwick working with the Development Technology Unit, Dominic went on to become the Director of Creative Environmental Networks, a European Energy Agency dedicated to reducing the environmental impacts of energy consumption, alleviating fuel poverty and promoting socially sustainable business.

Dominic has an engineering background with both B.Eng. and PhD. He has been developing data management and IT systems since 1993 when he wrote a finite elements engineering package to model the propagation of dynamic stress waves through semi-compressible materials. Subsequently he has developed many multi-tiered software applications concerned with the efficient management of high volume business data and information storage. His specialism is the integration of user-friendly presentation applications with performance data storage and interrogation.

Dominic has considerable IT skills and programs at an advanced level in several languages including; visual basic, java, javascript, ASP, JSP, SQL, XML and HTML


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