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Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM): Managing radioactive waste in the UK

The Government set up CoRWM to look at the options for managing the UK’s radioactive waste and to come up with a long-term solution to protect people and the environment. CoRWM believed it was important to involve the public in this process. The Dialogue by Design discussion guide was intended to get people talking about radioactive waste and how it should be dealt with.

The discussion guide was simple to use and required no special knowledge of nuclear issues. Relevant background information was presented in an accessible way and discussions focused on questions of values, ethics and equity. The guide enabled a wide variety of groups, such as parish councils, schools, environment, community, faith, women’s and nuclear site stakeholder groups, as well as individuals and families, to have discussions on a complex issue without the need for external facilitators.

Over 3000 copies of the guide were requested and results from 568 discussion groups were returned or entered online. At least 2826 people were involved in these discussions.

Results from the group discussions were analysed and displayed in full on the consultation website.


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