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We are the only organisation in the UK with the experience to design and run any type of consultation or participation process. We can take on a complete project or undertake only the parts that you do not have the resources to do yourself.

We will work with you to design the process, starting with an understanding of your objectives, target audiences and any limiting factors, and how you will want to use the results.

Typically, the processes we design enable you to:

  • Seek responses to consultation documents
  • Manage large-scale public consultations
  • Initiate public debates
  • Run ideas generation sessions
  • Co-draft documents
  • Engage communities.

We can execute the whole or any part of the process according to your resources, blending paper-based and online submissions with facilitated meetings, as appropriate.

For more information about methods please see

If you would like to learn more about what we have done recently please visit the case studies section.

Along with consultation services we also offer extensive supporting services, courses and workshops and various types of facilitation.

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