Managing Radioactive Waste - your views matter


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Introduction - for organisers

1. The purpose of this guide

At the moment there is no long-term plan for dealing with the UK’s radioactive waste. The Government has set up the “Committee on Radioactive Waste Management” (CoRWM), to look at the options for managing the UK’s radioactive waste and to come up with a long-term solution that will protect people and the environment.

CoRWM believes it is important to involve the public in this process. This guide is designed to get people talking about radioactive waste and how we should deal with it.

2. Why we would like you to get involved

The way we decide to manage radioactive waste could affect people in the UK for many generations.
Radioactive waste is hazardous to health, a potential security risk and storing it costs taxpayers’ money.

CoRWM wants to know your priorities and concerns about the way the UK should manage its radioactive waste in the long term. Your input, along with detailed technical assessments, will help us to find the best solution.

3. Using the guide

We would like you to have a group discussion about radioactive waste and what we should do with it, using the instructions, information and reply form included in this guide.

Group discussions are a good way to help people to consider other points of view and think deeply about the issues involved.

You do not need to have a special interest in or knowledge about radioactive waste to take part. The guide contains some information about radioactive waste and the options for dealing with it. It also tells you where you can find out more.

Discussions like this work well with up to 12 people. If you want to hold a discussion with more than 12 people we suggest you split into smaller groups and call us on 020 8683 6602 to request more guides.

You will need to allow at least an hour to discuss all the questions in this guide.

4. How we will use your replies

When you have completed the reply form you can either send it to the freepost address below, or enter the results online at:

Please make sure your replies reach us by 31st December 2005.

The results of the discussions will be shown on this website in the New Year. CoRWM will show how they have used what they have heard from the public when reporting to Government. To return your reply form, or if you have any queries please contact:

Thornton Heath
Tel: 020 8683 6602
e-mail: [email protected]

This guide was produced by Dialogue by Design on behalf of CoRWM.

Enter your responses and view the results on this website