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Newsletter, December 2006

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The UK Government has asked the Academy of Medical Sciences to take forward a process of further deliberation around the issues raised in the Foresight report, ‘Drugs Futures 2025?’ The report, published in July 2005, was based on 15 ‘state-of-science’ reviews and explored the likely impact of future science on addiction, drug use and treatments for mental well-being.

Dialogue by Design are working with a consortium led by OPM (the Office of Public Management), on a national programme of public engagement that will explore the hopes and concerns of a broad cross-section of the public on current and future issues relating to brain science, addiction and drugs.

In addition to events and workshops across the UK run by OPM and partners, Dialogue by Design are developing an online consultation and a blog to enable a wider public to have their say.

The project will be launched later this month and launched to the public at the end of January 2007.

DbyD is new convenor for NDA stakeholder engagement arrangements

We are delighted to have just been appointed by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) as the convenor of their national stakeholder engagement work. We are undertaking this in partnerhsip with colleagues at 3KQ. The NDA has responsibility for cleaning up the legacy of nuclear wastes and decommissioning nuclear power stations. This stakeholder engagement project aims to inform the NDAs decisions as well as give people an opportunity to understand the dilemmas and difficult choices the UK faces regarding nuclear cleanup.

We are excited about independently convening a process that has so much significance for both local and national stakeholders across the UK. Our focus is two-fold: firstly maintaining a steady course on delivering the current engagement arrangements, and secondly encouraging a gradual evolution to ensure the process meets as many peoples’ needs as possible in a rapidly changing climate.

Quality compost

The Environment Agency and WRAP (the Waste & Resources Action Programme) have been seeking stakeholder views on the ‘Quality Protocol for compost’.

Recent rulings by the European Court of Justice have led to a broader application of the definition of waste, leading to the conclusion that more things are waste and remain waste for longer. This has had an impact on the use of compost produced from source-segregated biowaste due to the uncertainty of when the compost could be considered to be fully recovered and no longer subject to regulatory controls.

This quality protocol has been developed by the BREW (Business Resource Efficiency and Waste) Programme, WRAP and the Environment Agency, in consultation with industry and other regulatory stakeholders. It is a formalised quality control procedure for the production of quality compost from source segregated bio-waste.

This consultation seeks to gain feedback from a wide range of different stakeholders on various aspects of the protocol with the aim of delivering a final protocol that has full industry support and backing.

The aim is to produce a final version of the Quality Protocol for compost by Spring 2007.



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