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Newsletter, March 2006

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DbyD launches Smart DialogueT, a cost-effective framework for consultation

Consultations vary greatly in scope, objectives and methods used and there are many ways of engaging with stakeholders, from using the web to paper-based forms and public meetings.

We have created Smart Dialogue as a generic solution for organisations needing the extra capacity or specialist knowledge of a consultancy but at low cost. It is designed to be very broadly applicable and to allow the flexibility to add extra components as required. At its simplest it allows a complete consultation to be carried out effectively at a very competitive price, and the methodology is broad enough to apply to the majority of consultation types. The Smart Dialogue framework is flexible so that if a consultation requires extra components or services, these can be costed in separately, while retaining the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of the core Smart Dialogue system.

The Smart Dialogue core system applies to document-based consultations carried out over the web; peripheral modules extend this functionality, for example to allow paper-based forms to be processed.

See the full description for more.


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