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Web-based Consultation

Dialogue by Design has developed a range of web-based applications to enable our clients to enhance existing methods of facilitating dialogue among citizens and stakeholders.

Where an online process is the right solution, we work with clients on every aspect: stakeholder analysis, recruitment, process design, configuration of the website, telephone and e-mail support lines for participants and analysis and collation of the results.

Many of these projects are complex, and we are aware that many organisations have to deliver effective consultation on a low budget. We have therefore developed Smart Dialogue which offers a cost effective means to use web-based methods without having to use the full service.


Dialogue by Design regards the issue of accessibility as extremely important and all of our sites are constructed to allow partially sited or blind people to use them. We comply with the W3C's WAI guidelines to at least AA and often to AAA standard. See the W3C site for further information.


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