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Newsletter, November 2006

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From training to engagement coaching and mentoring

Dialogue by Design’s training programmes have earned their reputation at the cutting edge of thinking and practice on engagement and consultation. Our emphasis on process design has transformed the way that many people think about engagement.

We want now to take this emphasis one step further. While there are always general principles to discuss, process design is all about using exactly the right process for each situation and context, and we want to reflect this individuality of approach in how we help others to make good design choices.

So from now on our training will focus on the needs of individuals - and in fact it will be more like coaching and mentoring than training in that we want to work with individuals to help them solve specific problems.

Bringing design to your desktop

Our training materials and particular design tools such as The Bridge Model, will not, however, be lost to posterity.

In spring next year we will be publishing a book, Dialogue by Design: the Complete Guide to Engagement and Consultation as an accompaniment to Dialogue Designer, our unique web-based engagement design and management package.

Please contact us by phone on 020 8683 6602 or by email if you would like to know more about any of these developments.


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